I became interested into expanding our family tree that was first put together by my late cousin, Adelle Weiss. Also, my late father-in-law, Norman Giller, spent twenty years collecting genealogical information on his family, which was published as a book, A Century in America. This web-site will always be a work-in-process, as additional information is provided by Grossman and Horowitz family members. If you have pictures, documents, family members that are missing, please click on “Contact Me” and share it with me.

The Grossman and Horowitz Family Tree

The family trees are presented in smaller sub-trees which will enhance the presentation of backgrounds, stories and pictures. The Grossman family goes back five generations all the way to Emanuel and Esther Grossman. The Horowitz family also goes back five generations to Julius and Anna Horowitz.

This web-site is published with the hope that future generations will see that their “roots” are from Russia and Poland. Poland, of course, had changing borders with Russia. Just like the Grossmans, many Jews born in Poland considered themselves to be Russian.

Much of the information here came from using the Ancestry.com web-site and from old pictures kept by my family. For some reason most generations do not like to discuss their family histories with their children. Much is lost in understanding their roots by not doing so. Hopefully this web-site will generate discussion among our family members to talk about these issues.

I hope that you receive much enjoyment and memories reviewing your family’s genealogy.

Elliot S. Grossman, Ph.D.
Miami Beach