Isaac Horowitz and Family
Julius Horowitz 3 Generations

My grandfather, Isaac, was born in Toropach Pskov, Russia in 1889. Mary was born in Warsaw, Poland in 1894. My grandparents both emgrated to Buenos Aires, Argentina where he met and married my grandmother. In 1909 Isaac and Mary left Argentina and moved to Binghamton, NY, where his brother, Alex, had a furniture business. According to the 1912 Binghamton Business Directory, Isaac worked with his brother as a furniture dealer.

Eventually, the family moved to Buffalo, NY, with his children, Morris and, my mother, Edith, who were 7 and 5, respectively. The
1920 U.S.Census shows that Isaac was a cheese broker at that time. Eventually, Isaac went into the retail liquor business when he opened the Jefferson Liquor Store. In 1945 my father went to work with his father and uncle at the International Embroidery factory in Union City, New Jersey. At that time we moved to Teaneck, New Jersey. My grandparents sold the liquor store and also moved to Teaneck.